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Stand Up Paddle Boarding In Tampa Bay & Florida Areas

In Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg Florida, Urban Kai Stand Up Paddle Board Shop (located on the Hillsborough River) is teaching, touring and offering fitness classes for stand up paddle boarding (SUP), and it’s the latest recreational, low impact, and fun activity to get into top shape!  It looks like the miracle of “walking on water” but you are actually floating on water while standing up and paddling. We offer fitness classes, private lessons, adventure tours, and rentals in the Tampa Bay and florida areas.

Standing on a board that can range between 9-14 feet, you paddle over bodies of water, and whoever experiences it gets hooked. If you’re looking for an intense core and upper-body workout, this is it. Balancing on the board works your core muscles and paddling hits every muscle through your arms, legs, abdominals and back.  Additionally, exercising outdoors lets you enjoy hours of peace and quiet along with taking in your beautiful surroundings.

Floating on water, you can watch the sunrise or sunset, feel the calm sea breeze and watch amazing marine life pass underneath you.

“Stand Up Paddle Boarding  is so rewarding when I get to see dolphins, stingrays, even turtles during my daily exercise,”
says Emily Ghosh.

It is a solid workout that gives you amazing results, peace of mind and a closer connection to nature.